New Zealand has long been the site for many different movies, and some of the most epic motion pictures have been filmed here. Due to it’s different scenic aspects, there are many different kinds of backdrops to choose from. Most of the Lord of The Rings was filmed here, some of the spectacular parts of King Kong, as well as many others. New Zealand is the place to go if you are into outdoor activities, with many opportunities for sports of all kinds.

Lying at the Southwestern tip of the North island, Wellington is the capitol city of New Zealand, and should be the first stop on you vacation. With it’s steep hills to on side and the ocean on the other, it is very picturesque to say the least. One of the must see attractions here is the Botanical Gardens on the Keburn Hills in the center of the city. You need to take the cable car up to it, but it is well worth it. It climbs to 122meters and there are some of the most spectacular views of Wellington, as well as a chance to experience not only the gardens themselves, but also the Carter Observatory as well.

Some of the high points of the gardens are the begonia house, the Maori Herb beds, and the Lady Norwood Rose Garden, featuring more than 500 different kinds of roses. These are just some of the wonderful things you will find in Wellington, there are many shops and museums to enjoy as well.

Source by David Dutton