Booking a last minute flight can be challenging, and getting one that is cheap can be even more so. While these flights are unpredictable, these suggestions can be helpful when you need those tickets.

How to Get Cheap Flights

The simplest way is to check the airline website. Any price cuts / special deals will be announced there. You can also call the airline. They will be more than happy to inform you of their latest promo. Airlines publish their promos on newspapers and magazines, so you should check them out too.

Compare the package deals of the carriers so you can get the best deal. If the offers are just about the same, stick with the airline you regularly use. Loyalty to airlines may entitle you to freebies or reduced ticket costs.

Unless it is really necessary, schedule your trips ahead or after peak season (i.e., Christmas and other holidays). Not only are the flights cheaper, but making reservations will be less of a hassle. If you can manage your departure and return dates, make them Tuesday or Wednesday. You can save some money this way.

Assess the fare carefully. It may include taxes and other charges.

Make sure you understand the ticket limitations too.

Some Tips for Finding Extremely Cheap Last Minute Flights

Start by calling the airline and asking if standby tickets are on offer. If they are available, grab it. The rule in airline ticketing purchasing is to book early, as they are cheaper.

Before you purchase, ensure the ticket allows for standby flight switching without any excess charges. Note: your luggage must be small to be put in the plane; there is no time to check them in during standby flights.

You can also get tickets from airline consolidators. These consolidators buy several discounted tickets and sell them at cheap prices. They are a good option to consider if you need last minute flight tickets. You will often see their tickets are much lower than the official airline price.

Other Suggestions

There are some Internet sites that let you bid for last minute flights. This can be a good choice, as it is possible to get an airline seat at a very low cost. If you want to try it out, make sure to follow the instructions as indicated on the auction site.

You can also try to negotiate with an airline representative. Even if you do not get a discount, you will at least know the various ticket offers and what your options are. Alternatively you can look online and purchase there.


Go to the airport as early as possible. Inform the person you want a last minute flight. Your name will be included in the list. Never leave your position unless absolutely necessary. Ask the gate to reconfirm your name on the list.

Sometimes it takes a bit of luck to find extremely cheap last minute flights, but knowledge and preparation play parts too. You simply need to be resourceful and be patient.

Source by Kenny Leones