Everyone loves to go on a cruise. It’s one surefire way to relax and essentially get away from all the problems at work and probably at home as well. Some people prefer preferences for the cruise lines. However, it has been a major contention that some cruise are better than the other. So which of them are the best cruise lines?

Cruise lines have different categories for its passengers. There are the cruise that really paper you in luxury while there are those that allow for a more festive and exciting journey. It also has to do with your budget. Most cruise lines are based on their capacity to serve specific markets and niches.

At a glance, here are your best bets for the best cruise lines:

Norwegian Cruise Line

This line has made its cruises around the Hawaiian islands famous. Their ships just keep getting bigger and bigger and the current one is as large as three football fiends. It has over 25 decks as well as 370 rooms inclusive of the suites. Passengers are free to move about and choose their activities on board as well as port visits. The cuisine is international and most of the meals are buffet. Being great supporters of nightlife activities, the ship has over 13 bars where one can drink the night away with friends and family.

All their ships support a variety of on-board activities such as ping-pong, yoga, exercise-aerobics, and others.

This cruise caters to the A, B, C, and D income class travelers.

Radisson Seven Seas Mariner

This line specializes in having various trips to great destinations such as Sydney, Singapore, Peru and Sweden. The ships carry modern facilities for spa and massage as well as numerous sports activities like golf cages for those who cant keep away from golf, a massive library that can allow passengers a bit of peace of mind amidst the partying onboard.

Most of their ships are balcony rooms so you are assured of having a good fresh air view. What makes this cruise stand out is that the cooks and chef on board are specially commissioned from reputable culinary schools to serve onboard.

Seabourn Spirit

This cruise is almost exclusively reserved for travelers who want luxury and the best of everything. The ships are generally small for they cater to a chosen few. The food is rated triple A and not a meal goes by that exotic foods are served. If one desires to travel in style and in privacy, this is the best cruise line to choose.

In the end, it really depends on your preference and budget. Most travelers have tasted different cruise lines and they have all come up with their preference.

Source by Kenny Leones