The Allure of the Seas is Royal Caribbean’s newest cruise ship, which now boasts the largest cruise ship ever built claiming to be bigger than her sister ship the Oasis of the Seas by 2 inches and also lighter by 200 ton’s.

This remarkable ship has many green features aboard to help her underway one of them is the 1400sq meters of solar panels on her top deck, these solar panels provide enough electricity to light up 200 staterooms out of the 2300 rooms on board when the sun shines, when the sun stops shinning the power comes from one of the powerful six diesel engines which in total produce 135,000 horse power and burn an amazing 1100 tons of fuel per 7 day cruise, which works out at 130 gallons per mile.

The ship’s water comes from the sea and to remove the salt a desalination plant is based in the lower decks, the water is desalinised by 2 reverse osmosis plants and four evaporators producing 1 million gallons of drinkable water a day this water is used for all the ships on board taps, toilets, washing and swimming pools.

The waste water goes through a sewerage treatment plant and when expelled into the sea it is as pure as clean water. Everything on board the ship that is discarded is recycled, bottles are collected in massive bags to be recycled at port, all plastics are separated and kept they even have a special place for small batteries that have been used by the 5400 passengers that are on the ship, which also now get recycled.

This ship is amazing with 7 different zones to entertain you which never seems to stop, it has so many different places to eat and drink you won’t fail to put on a few pounds, the quality of the food will amaze you and if you have a sweet tooth there are 25 pastry chefs baking all the time. A week’s cruise on this ship will leave you satisfied, exhausted and full of really good memories.

Source by Adrian Dunne