Spain has a super selection of hotels and you will surely

discover something to suit all tastes and pockets.

Whilst most visitors holidaying in Spain from abroad tend to

stick to the stereo-typed hotel chains for their vacations,

Paradores make a fantastic alternative. Quality accommodation

and food guarantee a stay that is remembered for comfort,

style and value for money. And, through them, you will gain a

better and deeper knowledge of Spain.

Right from their beginnings in 1928, the aim of the state

established Paradores Spain was to offer high standards, at

reasonable prices, in a noteworthy building or location, and

to help preserve the traditions of regional cooking, by serving

the best of local cuisine in the Parador restaurants.

Equally important objectives of the hotel chain were to help

preserve the country´s national and artistic heritage and to

promote tourism in areas which had been overlooked by the

private sector.

Today, Paradores can be found in converted castles, palaces,

fortresses, convents, monasteries and other traditional

buildings throughout the mainland and its islands. The group

has also built new hotels in unspoiled areas of the country in

magnificent locations.

The origins of Paradores go back to 1910, when the Spanish

Government assigned the Marquis de la Vega Inclán the task

of creating a hotel infrastructure for vacations which would

house travellers and improve Spain´s image abroad.

In 1926, through the Royal Tourism Commission established in

1911, the Marquis de la Vega Inclán initiated the establishment

of a hotel in the Gredos Mountains in Castilla La Mancha, making

the wonders of the area´s landscape accessible to tourism.

King Alfonso XIII of Spain was very enthusiastic about the idea

and he, personally, chose the location. Construction began in

August 1926 and was completed on the evening of 9 October 1928.

The hotel was inaugurated that same day and became the first

establishment of the future Paradores Spain network, the

Parador de Gredos.

After the opening of the Parador de Gredos, the Board of

Paradores and Inns was formed and efforts were channelled into

perfecting the original idea and into making use of selected

historical/artistic monuments and beautiful landscapes for the

establishment of new Paradores Spain.

So, why not consider making your stay in Spain rather unique

by picking a Parador?

Source by Linda Plummer