If you are in New Zealand, and want to think of something to do for a weekend in summer, why not go for a cruise in Milford Sound? Whether it is for a romantic getaway, for solo escapade, it is good to be engulfed in a natural environment like no others.

Milford Sound is known to be New Zealand’s most famous tourist destination, and Mitre Peak is the most photographed peak in the country. If you are going to New Zealand south island, this is a must-go place, probably except in winter.

Milford Sound has a high annual rainfall reaching about 8metres, with about 40 fine days per year. Other than the 2 permanent waterfalls, Bowen Falls and Stirling Falls, there are hundreds of temporary waterfalls by the steep sided rock faces that lined the fiord.

I went for a cruise on the Pride of Milford by Southern Discoveries which cost about NZD $114. It is a 3-hour cruise, including a visit to Milford Deep Underwater Observatory and Kiwi BBQ lunch.

Milford Sound Discovery Centre is New Zealand’s only floating underwater observatory. You get to go down 10m to an underwater viewing chamber to enjoy a 360-degree view of the marine ecosystem!

Right here, you get to see a world of primeval creatures and exotic habits. Due to the unique underwater environment, the rare Black Coral and 300-year-old coral ‘trees’ can be found here.

The biggest ‘problem’ of Milford Sound is the sandfly! I sprayed heaps of insect repellent and I still had several sandfly bites that left scars on my legs for about 2 years. Do bring enough medication for insect bites!

It was overall a great experience, sailing through the fiordland, getting up close to the waterfall and enjoying the fantastic scenery. I would definitely go there again if I can, or visit the fiordlands in other countries.

Source by Doris Chow