There are many popular cities in India, but there is one which catches the fancy of the majority of people from Indian and abroad. Well, the entertainment capital of the nation encloses some interesting and fun facts in its treasure box too!

Today, let us peep through some exciting facts about the popular city Mumbai and enhance our knowledge about the place. Make sure you learn them and also share the information.

• Did you know the Mumbai city was used as dowry! Yes, you read it right. During the year 1661, Portuguese ruled Mumbai. Back then, Mumbai was known as Bombay. The Bombay city was given to the England as a dowry during the marriage of England’s King Charles II with the Portugal Princess Catherine de Braganza. It is indeed an interesting instance to know!

• Weird name stories of iconic Navi Mumbai places. We think that the name of any place has some past behind. Well, not in case of Mumbai as you will be surprised to know – there is no church or gate in Churchgate railway station, Queen Victoria never stayed in Victoria terminus, Bhendi Bazaar has nothing in relation to Bhendi or okra, there are no ironsmiths found in or around Lohaar Chawl. Quite astonishing!

• Navi Mumbai houses the expensive slum area of the world. It is true folks! Dharavi is one of the biggest slum areas counted in the entire world, and it is the most expensive at the same time. If you are planning to build a house in this area, you will have to spend at the least 3 lakhs! Ahem Ahem!

• Long coastline of Mumbai. It is another extremely surprising to know that the Mumbai’s coastline extends to more than 149 kms. Yes, it is absolutely right! When you drive through this gorgeous coastline, you will come across lovely beaches, rivers, wetlands, stunning backgrounds and lots more. Make your outing plan right away!

• Not to forget the worth-mentioning Dabbahwallas of Mumbai. Well, they are the lifeline of Mumbaikars. They have the highest rating under Six Sigma concept, and are also researched by the students from all over the great. Surely, they are the pride of the Mumbai city and we are absolutely proud of them.

These were some of the hidden facts of the Mumbai city. There are still many, which you can explore by visiting the city. Make your plans now! Have a great time ahead!

Source by Shikha Thakur