Christmas is by definition Snow and therefore Mountain. Spending Christmas in the mountains is something extraordinary that only those who have tried can describe, alpine-style hotels with snow outside the door and the warmth of the fireplace that illuminates the room together with the tree lights … A fairy tale.

Last year we decided to spend an unusual seaside Christmas in Egypt, at the Al Alamein hotel (click here)

This year with the arrival of our daughter, we decided to spend Christmas in a classic style, in the mountains, on the snow.

Feel the soft woodland under your feet. Inhale the genuine scent of fresh pine needles. Listen to the subdued melodies of nature. These experiences awaken feelings in us that we thought were long lost. Now they wake up again and make us feel what is really important in life. Having time. Pay attention. Leave room for simple and natural things. Find yourself in the rhythm of nature.

We have decided to spend Christmas at the Josef Mountain Resort, in Avelengo (Bolzano). A resort at 1600 meters above sea level in an unrivaled position in Falzeben, directly on the slopes of the ski area. About 10 steps separate us from pure and unbridled fun on the slopes and from everything that accompanies it. But winter here can also be very different: for example very quiet and romantic if you want to experience it in the quiet of the nature that surrounds us or if from the wellness area or from your room you want to observe the magical snowy world.

The hotel has two spas, one on the ground floor, reserved for families, with a large outdoor pool of 38 degrees and a spa reserved for adults in the Forest, on the fourth floor of the hotel.

Her first spa

In the Foresta Spa I recommend you practice the aufguss ceremony in the sauna. An unforgettable experience.

And then beyond the excursions to the mountain huts, we visited the frozen Resia lake, the immense white valleys of Trentino, the Christmas markets of Merano and Bolzano. An unforgettable experience.