Bora Bora, located in the Society Islands, is Tahiti’s crown jewel – a true Polynesian island paradise that tourists the world over consider the ultimate tropical vacation destination. Hollywood, and film industries from most other parts of the globe, have never tired of capturing its spectacular topography. Probably its most definitive landmarks are the twin towers of black rock and an azure lagoon of clearest tropical water.

Considering the ideal location and nature of this island getaway, it is not really surprising that water sports like water skiing, parasailing and tackle fishing feature prominently amongst the things to do there.

Responding to the potential, many enterprising holiday specialists have provided matchless facilities to enjoy such activities at almost any budget. And Bora Bora’s spectacular natural beauty is far from superficial and skin deep. The world beneath its waves makes it the perfect hunting ground for professional and amateur scuba diving enthusiasts.

Recreational tourism aside, Bora Bora is also amongst the world’s legendary backdrops for freshly baked romance. Newlyweds who choose the island for their honeymoon will have something to cherish, discuss and reminisce about for the rest of their lives.

Despite the high influx of tourists every year, Bora Bora has managed to avoid the cluttered, cheap boardwalk culture that one tends to associate with seaside and island resorts closer to home. There is nothing trashy about Bora Bora. It is very well connected by sea and air, and reaching it is as thrilling a visual experience as actually holidaying there. Excellent internal transport ensures that the entire wealth of Bora Bora’s splendor is available for a visitor’s inspection and enjoyment.

Unlike many other resort destinations of this kind, Bora Bora is far from cut off from the realities of mainstream life. It has an excellent infrastructure to support the necessities of modern living – hospitals, banking, foreign exchange etc. – even while it retains all its highly individual and other-worldly charm.

For my stay in Bora Bora i choose Pearl Beach Resort a Spa. We reached this resort after a “technical” night in Thaiti. After a 50 minute flight we landed in the small airport of Bora Bora. The resort staff will be waiting for you with a boat and a necklace of flowers.

After 5 minutes we disembark in this magnificent Motu, crystal clear water, palm trees bent over the sea, white sand and Mount Otemanu in the background. A kind girl welcomes us and speaks in Italian with a welcome drink.

Our overwater bungalow was the one with the best view at the end of the jetty. The interior is quite welcoming, everything recalls the Polynesian landscape and culture. The bathroom is also large and clean with a bath and a shower and glass to see the sea near the sink.


The wifi confirm that it is free and available now in every point of the resort. Dinner is very special with typical Polynesian cuisine. Magnificent coral garden that you can explore thanks to the nice Ann. Emotional the spa (for a fee) and the massages that I highly recommend. To end at sunset a magical jacuzzi overlooks the sea.


Of course, even in a magnificent place there are weak points to improve. The gift shop closes at 6pm and the pool bar closes at 5pm and the bar after 11pm turns off all the lights.

I do not pretend the night life but at least until midnight the structures must be open. Another discordant note the check out scheduled for 11 am, if you want a makeshift room for 3 hours about 70 euros. These are small details that I would fix to make the guests’ experience even more heavenly. My wife still cries for the departure …