Belonging to Royal Caribbeans Vision Class line of ships, Splendour of the Seas is one of the finest. Being nearly nine hundred feet in length it is a floating vessel of magnificence in regard to its splendid accommodations. Built with more windows than ever before, most of the exterior staterooms afford a breathtaking view of the entire voyage.

Taking in all of what this floating city has to offer is more than any traveler could hope to do. The duration time of the cruises just will not allow it. If a bit of adventure strikes your fancy, you may wish to indulge in rock climbing. The sportsman may wish to play basketball, while those wishing to be pampered will take advantage of the many spa treatments and whirlpools. Indoor and outdoor swimming are both offered.

The University of Miami ocean lab offers a state of the atmospheric and oceanographic science lab. Geared to science buffs and the younger traveler, anyone can be amazed at what is to be found here. Curiosity seekers will be glad they stumbled upon this wonder.

The main dining room, delightfully named The King and I, offers the palette a culinary feast of many offerings. Chicken, beef, veal, seafood, and pasta all abound and are exquisitely served. If the appetite calls for something a bit less indulgent, the Windjammer has a full buffet unparalleled in its offerings. The younger set may wish to try the pizza and sandwiches offered at the Cafe Promenade. Food and room service is offered twenty four hours a day.

Every taste in entertainment is offered. You can be transported to Broadway through the talents of the of an excellent cast. The comedic actions of another will bring many laughs, while the magician will astound you with his feats of magic. For the gambler, the high seas offer a full casino with offerings such as slots, poker, roulette, blackjack, and many other games of chance.

Splendour of the Seas keep personal comfort at the top of their priorities. There are interior staterooms, and exterior ones complete with balcony. Luxury suites are the finest to be found anywhere. From television to telephones; showers and private baths; there is nothing that cannot be found to complete all that a traveler will need.

If taking a cruise has been a lifelong dream, indulge yourself. Place your reservation and begin the experience of a lifetime. Bon Voyage!!

Source by Chris B George