You are probably reading this page as you have decided to climb Kilimanjaro. Congrats! That is great news. Many people decide to climb Kilimanjaro unaware of the financial costs associated with the adventure. Below I have set out the seven main costs that you can expect to pay for.


Getting to Tanzania can be fairly pricey depending on where you are flying from. Most people fly into Addis Ababa or Nairobi and then catch a connecting flight to Kilimanjaro. Climbers from Europe can fly directly into Kilimanjaro International from Amserdam. Regardless of where you are flying in from I would budget $1,200 for flights. Often your flights are included within your tour package – see below

Tour package

Tour packages range depending on the number of days you spend climbing the mountain and the route you choose. Packages range from 5 day treks to 10 day treks across 6 different routes. I recommend a 6 day trek if you are trying to go budget as this has an acclimatization day which increases your chances of reaching the summit. For a 6 day trip I would budget $1,500 (or with flights $2,700). This typically includes transfers and a night in a hotel before and after your climb.


You will likely require a visa for Tanzania. Budget $100


You will need to show a Yellow Fever vaccination card on arrival into Kilimanjaro International. You may wish to purchase other vaccinations (Hep A etc). and malaria tablets. I would budget $200


You will require various equipment for your climb including layered clothing with a high quality outer jacket, quality hiking boots, a warm sleeping bag, a duffel bag to carry your gear, walking poles and a headlamp. I would budget $1000 for equipment.

Tips for guides and porters

Tipping of guides and porters is standard on the mountain. These guys work extremely hard for very little pay. The tips that they earn from their climbing guests are very important. Standard tipping rate is about $200 per climbing for your climbing support team


Miscellaneous expenses such as food at your hotel before and after the climb do rack up. I would budget another $200 for miscellaneous expenses

Total cost

So in total I would budget at least $4,400 to climb Kilimanjaro.

I hope this information has been useful and trust that the cost hasn’t put you off climbing Kilimanjaro. The challenge is a big one but very rewarding. Prepare well and you will be fine.

Many people take the opportunity to raise money for charity. I suggest approaching worthy causes that you would like to support to see whether they have specific fundraising schemes for climbing Kilimanjaro.

Best of Luck!

Source by Mark A Whitman