Mumbai is the largest metro city in India and its financial and fashion capital. The coexistence of the country’s stock market and Fashion Street makes this city an exciting potpourri of several things. For a tourist, the city is simply a delight and an emotion-jerking experience suffused with the country’s rich history and art. A cheap flight to Mumbai is just a few mouse clicks away. So, you can always pack your bags and set out for one of the most exciting trips of your life.

How to Get to Mumbai: Mumbai is a popular suburban city in the western shores located in the state of Maharashtra. It has a sound infrastructure and is excellently connected by all major forms of transport including road, rail and air. A person travelling from far-off places like South India has the options of either boarding Chennai to Mumbai flights or getting a train ticket. On the other hand, if you reside in neighboring towns and states like Pune or Goa, then a few hours of drive will do the trick.

If you are flying in, then your plane will land at Santa Cruz (for domestic flights) or at the Sahar International Airport (for international flights). From there, you can easily reach your hotels by hailing a cab. Pre-paid taxis are easily available from the airports. You can also rent a car or make other pre-arrangements.

How to Travel in Mumbai: Once inside the city, you will have no problem in traveling since the city offers several public vehicles including auto rickshaws, cabs, shuttle cars and buses. The department of BEST runs public buses for safe and speedy transport of commuters from one corner of the city to the other. The commuter trains also offer speedy and convenient services. For traveling to islands (like the Elephanta Island, which is a must-visit destination for its aesthetic Elephanta Caves), you can always hire the services of ferrymen.

Recommended Mode of Transport: Though there are several modes of transport for getting around the city, the most recommended mode will be the local train especially for long-distance journeys. Traveling through buses or cabs for long distances can be pretty harrowing because of the annoyingly high traffic. However, for short distances, a cab or an auto-rickshaw will be the preferred option. An auto-rickshaw, in fact, will be cheaper!

Tips for Booking Flights: To book popular flights like the Chennai to Mumbai flights, you will have to make bookings several days in advance, it would ensure availability and also cheapness. For getting the cheap flight to Mumbai, you must try to:

• Make flight booking a few months in advance
• Try to fly in and out during a weekday, to avoid rush
• Try to fly in during midnight or early dawn as such flights are cheaper

Source by Shashank Pratap