Brest is a Congenial Place to encounter beatific peace, situated in the north western France. Brest is sea port and Naval Base lies in the extreme western limit of Brittany. Brest has a proud maritime history. Porte Oceane opens France to the Atlantic Ocean and the Americas. In amidst of majestic landscape, breathtaking beauty and Beautiful Bays, Brest have it in all for a major Travel Destination.

The reason why Brest has to strife hard to emerge as a popular Travel destination is because Brest was the navel base for the Germans in World War II; the harbor was the house of major battle ships like battleships Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, and Prinz Eugen, as well as U-boats. So the city was bombed by the liberation forces and Brest as city was totally destroyed. It emerged from the ruins and today more a less has gained reputation of a good travel destination.

The major travel spots in Brest are Recouvrance Bridge (a massive drawbridge 64 m/210ft high), the military arsenal and the rue de Siam (Siam Street). The Castle and the Tour Tanguy is the oldest monuments of Brest.

The rue de Siam (Siam Street) is the main street of Brest, every sailor who visits Brest does remember the rue de Siam (Siam Street). The Naval base and Industrial port are separated by the River Penfield at Rade de Brest (Brest Roads). Brest also houses a collection of works related to the World War II, in The Musée de la Tour Tanguy, it also exhibits, Brest Maritime Traditions. Brest does not have much of the Architecture because of the bombing in the World War II but some few km out of the town, there are good beaches, tall granite cliff.

Years will come and go but Brest will always be known for its Wartime story and Maritime Traditions.

Source by Shouldlu Roy