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Delayed Flight – Only Insurance Can Cover You

If you are an airline traveler, chances are, you have experienced a delay.

Of course, a delay in airplane travel can mean different things to different people. For some, it is a bothersome inconvenience. Still others incur more than this. Business people can lose deals and related money; holiday travelers can lose days of their adventure, students, miss classes and the individual list of damages goes on according to the person.

If you think you have one iota of a chance of a lawsuit, think again.

Airlines do not legally owe you one cent of compensation for any suffering or loss if your scheduled flight is delayed. This is due to the fact that the airlines do not guarantee flight schedules. Of course, doing this would get them in deep trouble because like all of us, they are not capable of changing wind or hail patterns or averting snow storms, hurricanes or any form of bad weather that can interrupt air travel, departure times, as well as arrival hour. Moreover, mechanical troubles can appear, seemingly out of nowhere.

Liability for the above events is out of the picture when it comes to scheduled flights.

“It’s simply out of our control,” says everyone in the airline industry, from the executives to the pilots and flight attendants, to the maintenance men and booking agents.

While an airline may go out of its way to provide food and drinks during a flight delay – or even coupons for a discount at the local hotel or motel, it’s a rare event that sees them compensating a passenger for a postponed airplane ride, regardless of the passengers’ important meeting or lost vacation time.

So, how does a traveler protect him or herself from the losses incurred by a delayed flight?

The answer, my fellow air traveler, is travel insurance that includes travel delay coverage.

Designed to compensate the delayed air passenger for food and shelter costs during a covered layover, this type of insurance protects when the delay is due to:

• Bad weather that prevents accurate departure and arrival time

• Missing important documents of a passenger, like a passport of visa

• A sick passenger that needs to be quarantined

• Skyjacking or hijacking or terrorism

• Sudden airline employee strikes

• Natural disasters or catastrophes

• Civil unrest

• Travel shutdowns imposed by government officials as a result of a state of emergency or weather conditions.

Travel time is never a guaranteed surety. Nonetheless, acquiring the right type of insurance coverage can protect you from the related losses.

Speak to an experienced independent agency about travel insurance that includes coverage for airline delays.

Source by M Wyzanski

Stunning Highlights Take Your Breath Away With Cheap Flights to Colombo

Do you call yourself a proud wanderer who cannot do without taking a trip to a foreign country just to explore its magnificent places of interest? The world is literally packed with a plethora of captivating destinations that have been calling countless visitors from all over the world. One such destination is Sri Lanka and we are quite sure that you would not have contemplated a city break in one of the most sought after tourist destinations on the planet.

What can we say about the beauty of this country?

Sri Lanka is replete with ageless ruins, sparkling beaches, friendly people, well-known tea and mouth-watering food and loads of elephants. All these things play a sufficient role when it comes to attracting several holidaymakers from all across the globe. If we talk about its capital, Colombo, it’s a port city which is, without a doubt, one of the most visited cities in the world. This is because of the fact that this great city is a mélange of races, religions and customs.

Recognized as the capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo is the largest city. One can feel the hustle and bustle of the city on the streets. This amazing Sri Lankan town is home to the natural harbor and has been under the reigns of Indians, Romans, Arabs, Persians, Chinese and Greeks traders more than 2,000 years ago.

Would the city of Colombo sweep you off your feet?

Absolutely! There is so much to do and see in Colombo that you will really be spoiled for a choice and may find yourself in dilemma as to where to start your from. There are a lot of art galleries and museums that would make you travel back in time as they talk about the great historical aspects of this city. If we talk about the beaches in Colombo that just seem endless, they would simply bowl you over with their never-ending appeal. Colombo can be considered as a modern city that has been thriving for a long time. There are a number of skyscrapers in the city that take a deep sense of pride being in this city and Colombo can truly be considered as a fine blend of old and new. There are some of the magical highlights that would take your breath away.

Things to see in Colombo

There is so much to be explored in this captivating city and its highlights are mentioned below

· Natural History Museum

· Colombo Zoological Gardens

· Old City hall

· Viharamahadevi Park

· Dutch Period Museum

· Galle Face Green

· Gangaramaya Temple

Do you want to take cheap flights to Colombo for a journey of a lifetime?

Some of the major airports in the UK operate cheap flights to Colombo like Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, London Gatwick and London Heathrow. Many airlines of repute fly to the Sri Lankan capital like Oman Air, Jet Airways, Sri Lankan Airlines, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways. If you want to take a flight from London Gatwick LGW to Bandaranaike International Airport CMB, British Airways is also one of the great airlines to consider and will take 12 hours and 35 minutes.

Source by Siddharth S Sehrawat

Cost of Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

You are probably reading this page as you have decided to climb Kilimanjaro. Congrats! That is great news. Many people decide to climb Kilimanjaro unaware of the financial costs associated with the adventure. Below I have set out the seven main costs that you can expect to pay for.


Getting to Tanzania can be fairly pricey depending on where you are flying from. Most people fly into Addis Ababa or Nairobi and then catch a connecting flight to Kilimanjaro. Climbers from Europe can fly directly into Kilimanjaro International from Amserdam. Regardless of where you are flying in from I would budget $1,200 for flights. Often your flights are included within your tour package – see below

Tour package

Tour packages range depending on the number of days you spend climbing the mountain and the route you choose. Packages range from 5 day treks to 10 day treks across 6 different routes. I recommend a 6 day trek if you are trying to go budget as this has an acclimatization day which increases your chances of reaching the summit. For a 6 day trip I would budget $1,500 (or with flights $2,700). This typically includes transfers and a night in a hotel before and after your climb.


You will likely require a visa for Tanzania. Budget $100


You will need to show a Yellow Fever vaccination card on arrival into Kilimanjaro International. You may wish to purchase other vaccinations (Hep A etc). and malaria tablets. I would budget $200


You will require various equipment for your climb including layered clothing with a high quality outer jacket, quality hiking boots, a warm sleeping bag, a duffel bag to carry your gear, walking poles and a headlamp. I would budget $1000 for equipment.

Tips for guides and porters

Tipping of guides and porters is standard on the mountain. These guys work extremely hard for very little pay. The tips that they earn from their climbing guests are very important. Standard tipping rate is about $200 per climbing for your climbing support team


Miscellaneous expenses such as food at your hotel before and after the climb do rack up. I would budget another $200 for miscellaneous expenses

Total cost

So in total I would budget at least $4,400 to climb Kilimanjaro.

I hope this information has been useful and trust that the cost hasn’t put you off climbing Kilimanjaro. The challenge is a big one but very rewarding. Prepare well and you will be fine.

Many people take the opportunity to raise money for charity. I suggest approaching worthy causes that you would like to support to see whether they have specific fundraising schemes for climbing Kilimanjaro.

Best of Luck!

Source by Mark A Whitman

Want To Know The Language Of An Airline Flight Attendant? Your Guide To The Phonetic Alphabet

As an airline flight attendant you will be immersed into a new world of language that you cannot avoid or ignore. While the aviation language standard around the globe is English, it’s the English Phonetic Alphabet that is unavoidable to those that fly operationally.

While strange to some at first it will quickly become familiar to you when you are immersed into it as an airline flight attendant.

But why do airlines use this language? Simply the world is a small place when it comes to jet aircraft. In less than a day you can cross literally dozens of countries and all with local Pilots and Air traffic controllers that have accents that are native to their mother tongue.

To save confusion with accents and to have clarity and precision of identification over the airways around the world, the airline industry communicates with a system called the Phonetic alphabet. The Phonetic alphabet was developed during the mid 1900s so that soldiers of war could articulate messages over the radio to other soldiers in the heat of battle without misunderstanding due to poor reception and the noise of battle.

Basically the use of the Phonetic alphabet sounds a word that starts with the letter that you want to say. That way, letters like C and D although similar in letter sound, can be correctly identified. Charlie is very different to Delta for example. It is then just a matter of sounding out the letters or spelling of the word that you need to communicate.

Operationally, this is always used to identify aircraft and anything that needs certain understanding. As a Flight Attendant you will need to know the phonetic alphabet as you will use it and hear it used often while at work. You will quickly find that it creeps into your everyday language as a type of short hand to operational understanding with other crew members.

So what is the Phonetic alphabet used by the Airline industry?

A – Alpha, B – Bravo, C – Charlie, D – Delta, E – Echo, F – Foxtrot, G – Golf, H – Hotel, I – India, J – Juliet, K – Kilo, L – Lima, M – Mike, N – November, O – Oscar, P – Papa, Q – Quebec, R – Romeo, S – Sierra, T – Tango, U – Uniform, V – Victor, W – Whiskey, – X-ray, Y – Yankee, Z – Zulu

Simply print out the above and refer to when needed. With a little bit of practice you’ll learn the alphabet in no time. Then as a Flight Attendant you’ll easily apply the phonetic alphabet when and where needed automatically and almost without thought.

Numbers also have a pronunciation all of their own and further information on this is fully explained for Flight Attendants in How To Become a Flight Attendant available at FlightAttendantSecrets.com

E – Echo, N – November, J – Juliet, O – Oscar, Y – Yankee (Enjoy)

Source by Tom Reincke

Delhi Ahmedabad Flights

Considered to be the oldest cities of the world Delhi is an ideal place for the tourists from all around the nation and world as it has numerous places of tourist allurements. The cuisine of Delhi is also one of the very big cause that make it extremely renowned. There is no scarcity of spots for the food lovers in this town. The exquisite and divine place lives up to its stature as the capital city of India.

Ahmedabad is an additional attractive destination in the state of Gujarat. It is to be found on the edge of the river Sabarmati that make it untainted and comforting. It too is a dwelling for the prosperous textile industry. Travelers come to this place for specialized reasons as it is a hub for superb handloom industry. One can take economical Delhi to Ahmedabad flights with Indigo airlines. This particular airways is the foremost national airlines and can assist you in reaching Ahmedabad with comfort. The Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad is very well associated with the remaining part of the country.

Soaring to Ahmedabad for trade from Delhi is no longer a frenzied task with Indigo airways. This airlines provide economical fares and services of global standard to the tourists. You can journey with ease and no difficulty with Indigo airlines. Reservation and roving is made trouble-free and enjoyable with Indigo airlines. The air traffic for this route is very frequent so there are numerous other airline companies which have come up with low fares offer. National airlines like Kingfisher, Air Deccan,Spicejet, Jetlite, Goair, Indian have come up with lucrative deals which has allured the travelers of all classes.

Seeing the frequent air Traffic Indigo Airlines have offered special deals on very reasonable prices. Two return flights from Ahmedabad to Delhi are also accessible. Get reservation for Indigo Airlines from Delhi to Ahmedabad at very low price.Book now for best airfare deals.

The Indigo flight Schedule is as follows-

Delhi-Ahemedabad Flights Schedule

The flight Number 6E 155 soars from Delhi at 6:50 Am in the morning and reaches Ahemedabad at 8:15 AM. Another Indigo Flight takes off from Delhi In the afternoon at 3:00 and reaches Ahemedabad in the evening at 4:30 PM. They are moving on the daily basis.

Ahmedabad Delhi Flights Schedule

Flight Number 6E 154 flies from Ahemedabad in the afternoon at 12:30 in the afternoon and reaches Delhi at 2:10. Another flight 6E 156 soars in the evening at 8:55 in the evening and reaches Delhi at 10:30 PM

Source by Asma Rofik

Advantages Of Traveling In A Business Jet Charter

You have a business meeting with your client abroad or have to visit your company branch abroad, what will you do? Will you get a business class seat in commercial airlines or go for a chartered one? If it is very urgent you need to charter a private jet. You may feel that chartered jets are the costly option, but they are worth it as a business jet charter can give you many things that you can only wish.

If you are traveling by air to some destination there are options such as commercial flights and chartered aircrafts. Here are some features of both the means. Business jets are as just perfect for business travels. If you are traveling by a business jet charter you have many advantages. You do not have to wait for an hour before your flight, so you can spend time with your family members in the meanwhile.

As opposed to commercial flights you can make phone calls, send emails, and even have meetings while in the flight. You can schedule a flight in no time. You can board and land your jet at the airfield that is nearest to your site, thus you can save travelling, waiting, and clearance time at the airport. Only in some harsh weather will these flights get canceled, which you can rescheduled per your timings.

Commercial aircraft run at their own schedules. Even though they have separate classes such as economy class, business class, and first class; the timings to board the train is standard. Travel charges in these aircraft are quite cheap compared to business jet charters, but the travel is time-consuming. You are not allowed to make phone calls or send emails. You have to arrive at the scheduled airport an hour before the flight leaves and you have to wait for your luggage clearance. There are chances of flights getting canceled or postponed. When you reach the destination you have to look for means available there to reach the place of the meeting.

A business jet charter can save you time, money, and lots of hassles. Just consider that you have a billion dollar business deal that is signed on the scheduled date which if not done it is lost. In such a case you have no other option other than booking a business jet charter. I hope in your next business travel you will consider a business jet charter.

Source by Ariel Norton

Viable Options to Book Flight Tickets

Over the past few years, the aviation industry has been growing at a lightning pace. A lot of new low-cost carriers (LCC) have emerged in the last decade, leading to an addition of many new options for flyers. To book flight tickets for domestic travel, there is a wide array of airlines to choose from. Before the introduction of LCCs, the aviation market was dominated by full-service carriers. Because of this situation, a lot of people had to pay for the services they did not want to avail. Many LCCs give passengers the option of availing these services separately while reserving seats.

In addition to the drastic changes in the aviation industry, the development of mobile technology has made things even easier. Internet facilitates buying of air tickets on the web itself without any difficulty. To make reservations online, users need only an internet connection along with a credit or debit card for completing the transaction. There are a number of ways, in which a person can complete the process successfully. Online travel agencies (OTAs) and mobile applications are two of the easiest and most accessible modes, available for this purpose.

Online Travel Agencies

With online marketing gaining pace, almost all the airlines have collaborated with OTAs to attract a wider range of customers. These portals do away with the need of calling individual travel offices or visiting them personally. Such travel websites offer a number of available flights for a particular departure date and destination. To book flight tickets through online travel agencies, people can choose from a number of available websites. The best thing about reserving a seat on an aircraft through OTAs is the available flights can be compared in a single window. On the basis of the preference of customers, the most suitable option can be chosen.

Online travel agencies regularly offer deals and cheap rates for tickets during the year or as part of flash sales. Regular customers may get coupons and credits that can be availed later to make the flight cheaper in the long run. While users undergo the process on the internet, they have an option of buying either a one-way or a round trip ticket. A one-way ticket is a viable option for those, who are not yet sure about their return schedule, whereas a round trip prevents the hassle of last-minute booking.

Mobile Applications

In the age of smart phones, travel mobile applications have revolutionised the way ticket bookings are done online. This facility can be used for checking the lowest airfare for carriers operating in different parts of the world. With these applications, seats can be reserved on an aircraft from anywhere. There are additional benefits of using these travel application like being able to check the flight schedule and receiving the boarding pass on the phone or tablet itself. This can save the precious time of passengers that is often wasted in standing at the airport check-in counters.

OTAs and mobile applications have been making the process of reservation simpler and more transparent for flyers.

Source by Priyanka Manjari Mishra

Private Jet Charter – Gaining New Ground

Danielle Weston had a big problem. The busy Chicago administrative assistant was under orders to find a flight for her boss and two colleagues, from Chicago to San Francisco – nonstop – departing that evening. Unfortunately for Danielle, she was not given these instructions until 3:30 in the afternoon. As she perused the internet and various airline sites she quickly discovered that meeting these criteria would be impossible, given the time constraints. As she was about to admit defeat and inform her boss of her failure, she noticed an advertisement for private jet charter. She clicked on it and found that getting a flight with charter was not only easy, but fast. After submitting and receiving price approval from her boss, she made the reservations and was able to secure a flight leaving in three hours’ time.

Private Jet Charter – Air Travel for the New Millennium

Stories like Danielle’s are becoming more and more common as commercial airlines attempt to tighten their belts and lower their budgets by reducing both the number or airline personnel and the amount of flights per day – even those to and from popular destinations. The cutbacks have often forced travelers to make flights at inconvenient times or postpone important flights. In addition, airlines have resorted to “bumping” passengers from overbooked and overcrowded flights in order to keep them going on schedule. This practice has become so prevalent with some major airlines that there are entire websites devoted to complaints about it. The private jet charter industry has actually benefited from the way that airlines treat customers, as more and more people seek alternatives to commercial air travel that will accommodate their schedules.

Private Jet Charter – Cost vs. Convenience

Private jet charter, although substantially more expensive than standard air travel, has gained in popularity due to flexibility and convenience. The flight leaves when it is scheduled by the client, at the most opportune time, leaving a charter client free to travel at his or her own pace rather than a rigid schedule dictated by an airline. Security checkpoints, baggage checks, and boarding are also much more streamlined for air charter passengers.

There is no mystery to booking a private jet charter. It can be done online at the touch of a button, similar to using travel websites to book a standard flight. The professional charter brokers at Jetset Charter have had years of experience helping to match fliers with charter operators, and have built up an excellent reputation for service, convenience, and competitive pricing. For more information or to get a detailed quote for a charter aircraft for an upcoming flight, please call (866)570-5387 or visit http://www.jscharter.com.

Source by Angela K Bell

How to Fly to Hyderabad by Paying Less

Hyderabad – the sixth most populous metropolis is the capital of Andhra Pradesh. It is also known as “City of Pearls”. If you are planning to visit Hyderabad then go ahead and book your cheap flight tickets which are almost equivalent to train tickets. Now you don’t have to spend long tiring hours in train. Instead of long train journey you can opt for comfortable and short flight.

The city has various tourist attractions which invite thousands of visitors every year. It is also known as IT hub because of major companies located in the city. Not only in IT sector but Hyderabad is also a major center for pharmaceutical companies like Matrix Laboratories, Dr. Reddy’s Lab, etc. People often travel across the city in order to facilitate the business. People come and stay back in the city because of its IT hub which provides employment to thousand of job seekers.

There are various flights which fly on daily basis from the Hyderabad Airport named as Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. It caters to the need of million passengers. The main flights which fly from the airport are Indian Airlines, JetLite, IndiGo, SpiceJet, etc. There are several places to visit in the city like Charminar, Birla Mandir, Hussain Sagar, etc. You will be amazed by the breathtaking sight of the architecture of the State of Nizams. Shopping freak visits the city for buying pearls, bangles, jewellery, silver items, etc. All these items show the culture and ethnicity of past.

If you have not seen the glories of the city then pack your bag and book a flight. There are many direct flights from various cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Cochin, Bangalore, Goa, Udaipur, etc. You just need to check a travel site to do flight booking. Different airlines run their cheap flights and they provide huge discounts on the air tickets. The best way to get cheap air tickets is by planning your vacation or trip. Somehow if you are not able to plan then also no need to worry, call the airline company’s helpdesk and inquire about the ticket, they provide concessions on the last minute deal if the flight has vacant seats.

People who commute regularly can get additional discount from the airline companies. You just have to be smart enough to get your fare price reduced. If you book air tickets through travel agent then ask him to provide more discounts because they purchase bulk tickets from the airline companies and can offer you huge discounts.

Source by Baxy Singh

How Cheap Flights Played a Role in Tourism Development in Accra?

Development is a dynamic process where a single factor cannot be given the whole credit. The exemplary story of tourism development in Accra is a classic example where we can find a bundle of connected elements working for promotion of the sector. According to available statistics of Ghana Tourist Board, the sector earned over 2 billion dollars in 2011, 1.61 billion dollars in 2009 and 1.40 billion in the year 2008. In addition to this, the number of tourists has also increased significantly. Over 0.8 million tourists arrived at the end of 2009, while their number crossed one million mark in 2011.

The story does not end here. The most important element that made the revenue soar higher is increasing percentage of business tourists coming to the city. 3 years back, out of total number of tourists, 23% were business people, while in 2010 and 11; the percentage has increased by 10 percent. There are many factors that played their role in the development of the tourism industry in Ghana. Here is a brief analysis of few important factors that played vital role in making sector lucrative for local and international tourists.

1- The most important factor that drove tourists to the city is peace and stability of the region in the recent past. No doubt, the country was one of the most beautiful places even one decade ago, yet the disturbing peace and deteriorating law and order situation crippled its ability to reach out international tourists.

2- Secondly, the government’s dedicated efforts to promote tourism sector have been quite fruitful. Establishment of Ghana Tourist Board was a right step in that direction and it helped country improve its international outlook and perception.

3- Tertiary, the rising number of tourists attracted airlines and tour operators in the country that started offering cheap flights to Accra and other cities. This led to growth in the competition and availability of low-cost and reliable services to local and international tourists.

4- A very important perspective that we can’t ignore is infrastructure development by the government. Few years back, you could hardly find any lucrative place to visit the city. However today, you find dozens of places across Accra, which attract visitors for their grandeur’s, beauty and landscapes.

How to Find Cheap Flights to Ghana?

As it has been noted earlier, the number of airlines operating to Ghana has increased over the years. This has led to a healthy competition in the industry and promoted the country’s tourism internationally. Therefore, availability of cheap flights and wider options for the tourists has increased the prospects of future growth in the tourism sector of Ghana. For the tourists based in United Kingdom, there are also many options of low-cost flights to Ghana.

Though almost every professional travel agency offers flights to various cities of the country but there are certain African specialist agencies that offer even more low-priced flights. CheapFlights-Harare, Reliance Travels UK, SkyScanner, TripAdvisor are few leading names that fall in this category. The good thing about electronic reservation and booking service is ease of access and decision-making. You can open different agencies pages in multi-tab browsers and compare the price plans. This helps in making the most economical decision that suits your budget and requirements of the trip. Additionally, the cost of trip is not restricted to airlines’ tickets; instead, your local travel expenses and selection of service price plans has a great impact on your overall budget.

The above given analysis further endorses my views that not a single factor can be credited to the development; instead, it is a combination of factors that leads to the development of economy and its sub-parts. However, the tourism sector is undoubtedly indebted to the handsome competition in aviation industry. Owing to the rivalry among more than 90 airlines, the cost of travelling to Africa in general and Ghana in particular has come down. From customers’ perspective, this element played the most important role in industry’s development because it increased the purchasing power of people who aspired to visit Accra, Ghana.

Source by Lucas Dylan