I chose this company for a direct flight from Milan to Alessandria to reach El Alamein. The reservation was easy, website well cared, with the possibility to choose the seats and the meal with a few euros.

On the website they say that online check-in would have been available 12 hours before (very inconvenient!) but despite having tried dozens of times it never worked. The evening before the departure (fortunately) I get a text message that warns me of a delay of about two hours.

I could have postponed the alarm, but unfortunately having to pick up the boarding pass at the airport I still had to arrive 3 hours before departure, really inconvenient.

On the luggage (I only had those by hand) they did not have problems, weighing about 8 kg. During the unnerving wait they tell us another one-hour delay and move the gate. After an interminable wait we manage to get on board, and there is no room for luggage in the compartment above the seats.

I say this in English to the hostess who answers me in Arabic. So i resigned myself and we travel uncomfortably with suitcases under our feet. The seats are normally comfortable and obviously do not have a monitor. The sandwich, although I had chosen a simple burger, was strongly spiced with ginger which caused me a bit of heartburn.

Unfortunately I had to solicit to have the drinks I had paid during the booking. I wrote to the company, sent mail, written on social. No answer. No word of excuse. Air Arabia did not meet our expectation.