Traveling abroad is a great learning experience for kids and parents. Here are 10 tips to help keep your family safe, and ensure everyone has a great time.

  1. Fill out all emergency information on your passports. Make sure family members wear their passport on their body at all times. Children should carry the phone number and address of at least one trusted adult back home.


  1. Read, understand, and follow all travel warnings issued for the area you are visiting. Do not travel to unsafe areas.


3 .Make two copies of everyone’s passport id page. Carry one copy with you in a separate place from your passport, and leave the second with a trusted friend or family member back home. Parents should carry additional copies of children’s passports.


  1. Always carry current photos of your children with you.


  1. Leave a copy of your travel plans with family or friends at home. Include hotel names and phone numbers. Have your children carry a copy of travel plans with them, as well.


  1. Learn local laws and customs before you leave for your trip. Be sure your children understand them as well.


  1. In airports, bus depots and train stations, never leave your luggage unattended. Instruct your children not to touch other people’s luggage, or pick anything up from the floor.


  1. If you will be in a foreign country for more than two weeks, contact the embassy or consulate in that country. This will make it easier for officials to find you in case of emergency back home.


  1. Do not wear expensive jewelry, or clothing that stands out. Don’t carry more money than you will need. Consider credit cards or travelers checks.


  1. Make sure you exchange money at authorized places. If you have any questions or get in trouble, contact the closest embassy.