One of the most important factors in the success of any holiday is the quality of the accommodation you choose. Find a good hotel and you’re half way to having an enjoyable experience; opt for one that isn’t good and it may ruin the whole trip. With that in mind, here are 10 attributes of a quality hotel.

1. One of the most important attributes of a top hotel is friendly and helpful staff. It’s absolutely essential that employees are polite, offer a cheery welcome and help you wherever they can.

2. In the summer months, hotel rooms can get very hot. That’s why having a good quality air conditioning system could be vital.

3. Equally, it’s important that hotels provide you with adequately heated rooms in the winter. You should always feel comfortable in the room.

4. Which lends itself well to this attribute – having a comfortable bed. So many hotel stays are made or ruined by the standard of the sleeping arrangements. Hotels should always provide you with a great night’s sleep.

5. Thick hotel room walls will also contribute to the quality of your stay. You don’t want to be able to hear other guests or their TVs and, chances are, they’ll feel the same about you.

6. It is always a great bonus when a hotel is accommodating of their guest’s special requests. This is particularly important if you’re taking children, but there are many other occasions where you will ask the hotel for something and it’s very satisfying when they follow through.

7. It’s important that your hotel is situated in a great location for the main attractions, so you don’t have a hassle accessing them.

8. A dirty room is enough to have you leave on arrival, let alone stick around for a bad experience, so finding an establishment that is clean and tidy is a must.

9. One thing we all tend to consider when booking any hotel is that its rates represent good value for money. That doesn’t mean it should be cheap, but the price you pay should be reflected in the quality of your stay.

10. You’ll also want a hotel that has good availability as there’s nothing more frustrating than missing out because it never has any vacancies.

If you’re heading on a trip to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, you may require hotels in Campbeltown or Dundee hotels. Make sure they meet these 10 points and you should be onto a winner.

Source by Robert Berry-Smith